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Hundreds of youth from Southwest Detroit and beyond participate in our programs at no cost to them. We need your help to ensure that every child has a spot on our team.

Support the work of Clark Park Coalition with a financial contribution.

The work of the Clark Park Coalition fills a crucial role in the community by keeping inner-city youth involved year-round in recreational activities designed to provide positive experiences that will support them in their efforts to grow into responsible adults.

Your continued support can provide the following:

$35 One child's registration fee for soccer or hockey
$50 Soccer balls or 2 pair of soccer shoes
$80 One pair of youth size inline roller skates
$100 One pair of older youth senior ice skaes
$350 One round trip bus fee for a field trip
$600 90 baseball and softball t-shirts
$1,200 Tennis or golf instruction for youth summer program
$3,200          Annual jet-ice application for outdoor ice hockey & skating rink


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Please make your tax-deductible donation to:

Clark Park Coalition
1130 Clark Street
Detroit, MI  48209